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Thank you for checking out our backstory at Joyfulshine. To start with, I am Angela Liu, the 19-Year old founder, and owner of Joyfulshine. I was not born with Joyfulshine and the journey until Joyfulshine featured many bumps and boons. Go ahead and read our success story at Joyfulshine!


Began over a cup of ice cream and a sparkle-eyed fox pendant from Penasquitos, Mexico, Joyfulshine took a fortnight to set afoot. Truth be told, Joyfulshine began when I was 14 and not merely in a fortnight.

It goes back to the prom when my BFF Amy was lost in tears. Her pink prom gown was a mess because all the shimmering sequences had come off. That’s when I blurted out, ‘there are many ways to make you sparkle’. At 45 minutes to our Prom dates and distraught Amy on the couch, I darted to my vanity table without thinking. I zig-zagged between stones and Copper art wires to match her marigold hourglass gown. Before I knew it, I’d made Yellow Pearl wired pendant inscribed with ‘You Shine’ for Amy.

And, Amy and the Gold Pearl sparkled over the moon that she was the Prom Queen that year!

Amy asked me to make more necklaces and I fell in love with earrings, bracelets, and studs that danced with a shine of joy. Today, I make flaunt-worthy jewelry with a radiant glimmer within!

But, it wasn’t easy. When I started out, I realized jewelers everywhere spiked the prices by 40-80%. I was shocked to find out the middle-men hogged the price-tags. That’s why I began on a journey to find global manufacturers who could create premium jewelry for affordable price rates to cut the middlemen out.

Long story short, today Joyfulshine offers up to 70% lesser prices on exquisite jewelry, each with a soulful shine within. Join our success story and become part of the Joyfulshine Family!


We don’t churn out shiny trinkets based on stats like our competitors. At Joyfulshine, every sparkle has a story to tell. Each design is inspired by love, happiness, peace and a bunch of other joyful moments to make you shine from inside.

Our team consists of 12 creative, motivated and hard-working men and women who create shimmers of joy every day. Paired with our experience of catering to the U.S and Europe fashionistas, we are ornate and original.


We make jewelry that makes you shine with a soulful tale behind it. Heck, our designers don’t make jewelry without a scintillating backstory to it. That’s why you will jewelry that makes you shimmer at Joyfulshine.

1. We Create Soulful Jewelry that Warms your heart.

2. We Design Genuine Jewelry with Veritable patterns.  

3. We Forge Timeless Jewelry with Comfy fitting.


We offer 100% genuine jewelry, inspired by soulful real-life moments to make you dazzle. When you order at Joyfulshine, we ensure you get lotta goodies with your buy too.

1. You get the Highest Quality Product with Attested Bill.

2. You get the Fastest Shipping Options as we ship to 100+ countries.

3. You get a shopping assistant to help you Find the Perfect Buy.

4. You get Versatile Jewelry that Contours to your Lifestyle.

5. You get Durable Jewelry that stands the test of time.

At Joyfulshine, each shine has a joyful soul behind it!